#changetheworld for Girls

#cycleforgirlsI grew up in England and ‘Because I am a girl’… I went to school until I was 18, I went on to university and a  great career, I married my sole mate, I now have two happy and healthy, beautiful children.  When I wanted to play with my friends I grabbed my bike and I went to find them, when I was hungry I went to the cupboard to get food, when I was sick I saw a doctor and was given medicine, and when I was pregnant I was looked after by a team of specialists even after I took my babies home… and all this because of the part of the world I was born into.

NOW imagine, growing up in a country where ‘Because I am a girl’ I am not considered important enough even to go to school FULLSTOP.

This is how the cycle of illiteracy and ignorance goes on. Girls forced into domestic work, early marriage, risking isolation, abuse and poor health with no way to pull themselves out of this life which they have no say in. It’s easy to see how “missing out on school can mark the end of a girl being able to choose her own future”, Plan International.

I know how lucky I am, and I cannot imagine life any other way, so I have signed up for the #cycleforgirls 2016, a 350km cycling challenge over 6 days in Cambodia, to raise much needed funds for the #becauseiamagirl campaign, to help empower girls around the world and break the cycle (so to speak) of gender inequality and discrimination. This experience is so completely out of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally, but at the same time I am super excited to be part of something that can truely make a difference.

Your support will have real impact on girl’s lives, where it is needed most.

Take a deep breath and dig deep – it could have been you!

Thank you so much for your support,

Mandy x

How can you Help today?

  1. Make a direct donation to my fundraising page.
  2. Purchase a HeArt of Hope, hand painted by me, proceeds donated to “Because I am  girl”.
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