Living Life in Full Colour

It’s time to refocus… a new year signalling new beginnings and a fresh start on my blog, be warned, this could get quite colourful!

I have a confession to make… I am an addict

My drug of choice?? COLOUR, bold and bright, unadulterated colour. I live, eat and breath it… It permeates every nook and cranny of my life, affecting my mood be it soulful blue or sunshine yellow; my hair from daring purple, radical red to natural brown with a strand or 3 of silver (makes sense right? I don’t do grey!!); my clothes may they never be black and boring and that’s just the start…

I am offering you this personal invitation to walk in my shoes, see the world through my rainbow tinted spectacles, and experience with me  “life in full colour”.

Hi! My name is Mandy Kopelke and I am an artist living in Sydney, Australia.

Traffic Signal Box Project – Lane Cove

Last week I spent a couple of days working on a fabulous project being run by Lane Cove Council in Sydney. The TSB Project is an art initiative which uses traffic signal boxes as artist canvases to enliven the local streetscape, provide new opportunities for creative expression and deter graffiti taggers.

It was a real learning experience for me, painting in full view of the general public, with house paint, on metal… people shouting encouragement from their cars as they passed through the VERY busy junction… not my usual setup ;-)

Photos of the finished TSB are on my FB page.

Mandy xoxo

BotJoy Project

Recently I was approached by Mulberry School in the US with an invitation to take part in the fabulous ‘Bot’ art project that they are running to celebrate the school’s 50th year anniversary… I LOVE the arty opportunities that arise from having an online presence, so of course I said YES, YES and YES!

Gary Hirsch is the Portland artist behind ‘Botjoy’ – he’s put together a video that explains what its all about, and invites the world to “Steal this idea”:

After teething problems with supplies, I finally came up with a durable combination for my “Happy 50th Anniversary Bots” and “Friendship Bots”, which have now winged their way across the seas to Mulberry School… Happy Anniversary Mulberry!

Mandy xoxo

P.S I was warned that making Bots IS addictive… it’s true, the Bots march on :-)

January News

Wow is it really half way through January already?? It really is time that I wished everyone a very happy and successful new year!! I hope you are all off to a great start :-) I have been spending a LOT of time away from technology, checking in only occasionally… and it has been fabulous! I am feeling refreshed and raring to step into 2014 with gusto!!

 The Christmas break for us has been our best ever :-) My husband is a workoholic, he travels extensively so spends a lot of time away from us…. as a result we live in a high stress environment that can be unpredictable and ever changing, exciting and rewarding, but it also takes it’s toll. We decided to do these holidays differently, so Sean took a whole 4 weeks off to have his longest break from work ever! We started with a 2 week road trip to Brisbane and back (a whopping 1800kms!!!) spending Christmas with family and dropping in on friends we haven’t seen in way too long – thanks everyone we had so much fun :-)
After enjoying New Year’s Eve with fireworks on the beach we headed home to another 2 weeks of going to the pool, the beach, family bike rides, socialising with friends old and new, chilling out, talking and laughing… We have loved these beautiful moments that have made us stronger as a family.
Today Sean headed back off to work whilst the school holidays will keep Jenson, Poppy and myself busy for another couple of weeks… then out will pop my paint brushes in earnest! I am excited… I have new business ideas (remember… we’ve been talking ;-) Watch out this year for my new range of super big paintings to “add a splash of colour to your walls”, and shortly I will be opening my online shop full of Mandy Kopelke Art phone and iPad cases. I still have new original paintings to add to my current online shop… and I have just received news that my submission for a piece of public art has been successful… my head is spinning with so much colour!!! I am champing at the bit to get going…
Glad to have you all along for the ride :-) Hold on tight!!
Mandy xoxo